Designing the perfect mixed drink or cocktail.

Most people start with a base and then add ingredients such as mixers, creams, fruit and cordials to compliment the base, but not all flavours mix well. With Scurvy Dog, the extra bite that comes from the chillies means it will never be over shadowed by the other ingredients and it enhances the other individual flavours to make a truly unique drink.

The suggestions below have been tried and tested by a highly qualified group of professional taste testers. Mainly family and friends, but we have been assured the feedback was honest and sincere, especially after the forth drink.

If you come up with something special, please let us know and we will add it to the list. Happy creating.

Yankee Scurvy Dog

Bourbon and Scurvy Dog over ice with a slice of lime

Gentleman Scurvy Dog

This mix is always refreshing, a measure of gin poured over ice, add a squeeze of fresh lime and top it up with Scurvy Dog Soda

Highland Scurvy Dog

Scotch, rocks and scurvy dog, nothing more needed.

Senor Scurvy Dog

The perfect combination of fiery flavours, Tequila and Scurvy Dog, this one bites.

Dreadlock Scurvy Dog

Rum is used in so many drinks but with this one the chilli adds to the flavour nicely.

Comrade Scurvy Dog

Vodka goes with anything but Scurvy Dog makes it memorable.

Monsieur Scurvy Dog

Oranges and limes sounds like a nursery rhyme until you add the chilli, definitely not suitable for children.

Samurai Scurvy Dog

Beware the way of the Samurai, it is lethal.

Shamrock Scurvy Dog

Jamesons unique flavour it brought out beautifully with this mixers. A definite favourite.



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